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Posted by modern-arnis on September 4, 2010 at 10:28 PM

For my first of maybe only one blog is the idea of training.


We all know that with anything that we want a better understanding of, we must first begin to study the subject.

We read books, study videos, seek out a teacher, etc... But for us to truly grasp any subject, we must eventually practice it through repitition.

For instance, in my Pathagenic microbiology class for me to understand the process of how a virus can infect a cell. I need to study, read and quiz myself over and over again, until I have the subject well to my memory. So, with martial arts it's no different.

So why do people think they can get better at an aspect of martial arts without training that aspect? Ive been guity of this for over a decade. Why aren't my forms better? OH YAH, I don't spend as much time as I should on them. (I;m working on improving this now=) So there's our answer, MORE TIME!!! Right, I know everyone has a huge amount of FREE Time to spare, but seriously, for us (Me included) to improve on a technique like a front punch, I need to practice it.


So with a family, work, school, etc... How do I practice it. Well I practice at work ( I work in a lab, so I have to be careful) When I have a moment, I practice the techniques slowly (No need for speed, if I don't have the technique down correctly) When I'm watching TV, I can practice while watching my favorite shows. (In your stance and watching out for people and furniture) I try to do as many reps as I can, so when I get to class, my techniques are improved. Not perfect (No such thing) but better and more effective.


So out of excuses we get nothing, but out of application we gain the world!

So get up and put just 5-10 minutes extra into your training and you'll be suprised by what you gain.

You get out of life, what you put into it!!!


Good training,

Peace and Harmony always,




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